Burnt eyes and restored vision

Bereft of all your comfortsYou’ve caviled every last emberArdent enough to survive. Every burden bound to your bosomDiffuses throughout the skyMuddled with ash and mist.You aren’t who you thought you would be. Your kneesThis alterConvoluted with the other. It’s lonely here, onlyCracks and their companions.I’m exposed out here, exposing theCrumbled path crusted to my bareContinue reading “Burnt eyes and restored vision”

Birth of a Sacred Woman

Author Miss Parisia B. Sweet Girl,You have a million little worries hanging from your bosom.Your leaves are withering, and the moss is manifesting.Tan pronto.Stripped of heart. No longer swaying in the wind, still in the breeze and weak at the knees, ready to crack.Begging to bend and break just for a moment, only to forgetContinue reading “Birth of a Sacred Woman”