A Most Familiar Day

Something has changed today.The cars are hushedThe breeze is boldThe sun is diluted for my eyes to hold.And I can smell the chlorine, the sap, and the fertilizer.I can hear the fountain, the conversation, the bees.It tastes like a childhood morning, full of nothing to do and going outside with a handful of sunblock.Something hasContinue reading “A Most Familiar Day”

This altar requires an offering but I can’t burn for you…

Our waves stole the show, but the wind subsided.Pieces of glass cut into the vastness of the shore until we were washed.Now they exist deep beyond, they’ve been given back to the sea, but our offering has been rejected.Our false accord rebuked.Forced to abandon the threshold that was forged and drift towards the ones weContinue reading “This altar requires an offering but I can’t burn for you…”

Only to be with You

I tried not to write about you today. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too fucking sentimental. I also took an attempt to be positive. Demanding you back into my life. It was short-lived. Because no matter what your decision was or what your heart accepted to be true, how it made you feel, isContinue reading “Only to be with You”