A Love Void of Duality

You’ve only just begun, and already you make plans to sprint ahead. You crave a journey set neatly before you, ready for you to fill, with no sudden instances or surprises. You place relationships as the driving force of your life, using it to change your temperature or validate your emotions. Should no-one marvel atContinue reading “A Love Void of Duality”

A Love Void of Grace

You make so many mistakes because no one taught you how to hold yourself. You travel through and through experiences naming them all love because no one taught you how to recognize it. You stumble upon something that shakes you to your core, it feels familiar, but you’re clumsy and let it go because noContinue reading “A Love Void of Grace”

The legacy on Diamond Head Dr.

Eventually there is an inevitable process that comes along and strips you of any comfort. I think I’m going the right way. I have been here a million times before, but just with her as my guide. Strawberry Fields on the left, two verses of “I just can’t give up now,” and then it’s aContinue reading “The legacy on Diamond Head Dr.”

Only to be with You

I tried not to write about you today. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too fucking sentimental. I also took an attempt to be positive. Demanding you back into my life. It was short-lived. Because no matter what your decision was or what your heart accepted to be true, how it made you feel, isContinue reading “Only to be with You”