Life is good, pleasant. You are entering into a new beginning. One where you are unsure of how long you can hold on away from your element, before letting go, reverting, and re-adapting to the lessening of life within yourself. It’s quite unclear which element is most conducive for growth right now. It seems much […]

My efforts are meek. They represent the chasm between victim and vulnerable. Give me rest. I don’t know how much further I can go. So I sit and suffer, I try and triumph, but I can’t keep the rhythm. Sit and Suffer. Try and Triumph. Sit and Suffer. Try and Suffer. Sit. Sit. Sit. I […]

Up north the earth bares herself to you. She lets you take part in the matrilineal reign of the atmosphere. Her breasts rise high and droop down low for the purpose of climbing her peaks and exploring the pastures below. She welcomes you to the edge of her bosom to cast down your tautness and […]

I like the fact that my whole life fits in the back of my car- That I’m never tied down to one place, and always ready to explore; never held to the promise of nonexistence. I like the places where I have become- The areas that have cured my sadness, and shaped my curiosity. I’m […]

 I am scared by this world. I am scared by the events happening around me. By the people hurting so close to me. Of my own pain. It terrifies me how a victim of rape, gives everything to me, and yet everything has been taken from her. It enamors my heart that a woman who […]