My prayer for 2020:

May I learn the names of the birds and berries that surround me. May my journey be slow and becoming. May the deepening of my roots remain a sacred passage between me and my God. May I receive health for long walks, a heart to love under the  bright moon light, and new memories from far away ventures. May my roots feel my gratitude, may they keep me free and expansive; may they ground me while I soar. May sustenance run through my veins deepening my roots and releasing me into the vastness of the unknown. May I continue the work that’s already begun. May I be content.


What God did last month (Dec):

  • He helped me be brave in the face of fear
  • Answered a prayer I had been bringing to him for months
  • Put love at the center of my relationships
  • Reminded me what it takes to get free

What God will do this month (Jan):

  • Take me to new levels of vulnerability
  • Grant me peace in the middle of vastness
  • Guide me in the next steps relationally, financially, and in my career giving me the courage to feel qualified and deserving of my assignment and of real love.
  • Open my eyes to all the counterfeit love I have let in

January Intention:

Get Free.

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2020 Focus: Deepening

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