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Cocooned Healing- A love letter to all the wounded parts of ones soul. A true acceptance of the gifts that will get me where I am going and a surrender to shame, expectations, and guilt. A beckoning of the healing never felt because of fear and protectionism.

The legacy on Diamond Head Dr.- About the legacy prominent women leave behind that becomes instrumental in crafting your own intuition, in stepping into true womanhood.

Only to be with you– It takes two. But doing your part alone seems hopeless.

Anticipating– Change doesn’t happen over night, it requires detours, re-routing, travailing and letting go of the thought that you can control the outcome.

Holding On- How do we really know when something has reach the peak of it’s existence. Is it something you feel in the pit of your stomach? And what about the other feelings, the ones with an expiration date as long as the life that was given; what does one do with those?

Coming– Coming to terms with yourself is hard enough without the baggage of every man you ever let enter you weighing you down. Exposing your truth is where you find freedom.

Turmeric – Sometimes you can’t find healing anywhere else than in a cup of tea, sprinkled with fermented turmeric and the intention to rise.

Braving – They say healing isn’t linear. That shit really isn’t. But whether you’re moving up or down, side to side or backward, it takes work, it requires blood.

Fermenting– What do you do with the memories when there is no promise of a future? How do you make the best out of the pain… you ferment it.

Deepening– In order for a plant to grow you must plant it deep enough. I don’t know if that is even right and perhaps this is why I fail at deepening relationships. You decide.

Rooting– For when your soul is begging you to start but in totality you don’t have the necessary tools to begin. This line rhythm will help realize the lie you’re telling yourself.