I will never forget the day a 10-year-old told me you were dead. There was no soliloquy added to better aid the delivery, just, “GG died.” He knew more than I did that day. Therefore I would spend months crying about broken jewelry, over relating to yogi personality types, and dreading my mortality as though […]

“Somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that the evils did to me, therefore, made me impure.” Kneeling to pray, breathe, surrender, I peeked at my hands (as I got the feeling they’d become clouded). I opened my eyes to see them in an image I had never seen before. It was a picture of […]

I am not saying that I wish to suffer, I am saying I physically cannot accept freedom. I blatantly exist in a space that I am fully prepared to entitle: Toxic. Having all the necessary means to revive myself, yet holding my breath, and holding on even tighter to the dream of being rescued. I’ve […]

I may violently want to reject what I’ve learned and embark on a journey to somewhere or nowhere. I want to be okay with that. I’ve never viewed myself as someone who’s rooted in her surrounding atmosphere. I am much too rooted within. But strangely enough, a new craving has stirred within me: a yearning […]

“But I shame you more than I appreciate you and that’s not love.” Along the way, we started to enjoy this disharmonious bliss. So scared to be alone, and genuinely unaware of the dying warmth beneath our palms. I thought I would live to love you, but now every mouthful is choking on maybes. There […]