Bereft of all your comfortsYou’ve caviled every last emberArdent enough to survive. Every burden bound to your bosomDiffuses throughout the skyMuddled with ash and mist.You aren’t who you thought you would be. Your kneesThis alterConvoluted with the other. It’s lonely here, onlyCracks and their companions.I’m exposed out here, exposing theCrumbled path crusted to my bare […]

There is so much to discover over the edge. And if I could just reach it, if I could just walk forward with a spirit of expectance and float away from all that buries me, maybe I could expand myself endlessly. Wet soil grounds me, but when it settles, I become immovable, and thats something […]

When he left me I somehow was able to remember you. And now that I’ve remembered, I see how he’s been a reflection of you. He drove me to sunsets, I first did that with you. He drove me to the edge, I first threw myself over for you. When did it become unsafe? When did […]