Codependence is the correlation of the combination between committing suicide and calling it love Between medication and drugs. You with the upper hand because your will to give nothing is what I search for. You sit and wait at my door. I opened it because you need me. Slamming it on any man who makes […]

I have to wean me off you because I’ve never told you no. I need to stop waiting for your answer because I’ve never asked. Day one and I am already at an all-time low because I’ve never told you no. You’re my muse, so I hang you up and worship your shrine. The darker […]

I have a question. If I asked you to love me, would you? I have a question. Why did you punish me for what she did? I have a question. Do you know your silence is my destruction? I have a question. Do I deserve your love as much as your hate? I have a question. […]

I like the fact that my whole life fits in the back of my car- That I’m never tied down to one place, and always ready to explore; never held to the promise of nonexistence. I like the places where I have become- The areas that have cured my sadness, and shaped my curiosity. I’m […]