Sweet Girl, You have a million tiny worries hanging from your bosom. Your leaves are withering and the moss is manifesting.Tan pronto. Stripped of heart. No longer swaying in the wind, still in the breeze and weak at the knees; ready to crack at any moment. Begging to bend and break just for a moment, […]

I have no more left to give. I birthed love and now it has left me. I loved another so now it no longer seeks me. I cultivated it’s purpose and turned it into gold. I shared with all and now it means nothing to me. I held it to highest regard when it was […]

Cue the bath and the bubbles, mix in a mindset of relaxation, and a long-winded decision to take time. Now violently reject what you know best and catapult into a completely opposite direction. I no longer want what I used to. However much that scares me, some part of it was always impending. Moments of […]

What’s next for me here when I’ve done what I came for? What can come of us when I’ve given all of my love to the wrong one? What better can I do when I’ve made the worst mistake there is to make? Who left is there to become if I have existed in the […]

Codependence is the correlation of the combination between committing suicide and calling it love Between medication and drugs. You with the upper hand because your will to give nothing is what I search for. You sit and wait at my door. I opened it because you need me. Slamming it on any man who makes […]