My prayer for the month was for as I journeyed through my pain and claimed healing over my life, that I would be able to have deep love and empathy for those who still believe they are unworthy. They say we hate in others what we dislike in ourselves and so therefore I have been […]

This month I am going to allow myself rest. I have had an information overload, from unpacking childhood wounds, to learning how to re-parent myself, learning to not strive for perfection, learning to trust my intuition, being on the look out for God’s voice in my life, and so on. I want to warn, mostly […]

Going into August feels uncomfortable. I am leaning into something new and out of character for myself. Growing up I have always been so sure of myself, what I wanted, and where I was going. I essentially didn’t even need the guidance of my parents because your girl was grown. But as I get older […]