My period of healing has lasted for four years now. It’s been hard to imagine what the other side will look like and truth be told I am pretty comfortable on the side I currently rest upon. I’ve dogged hate and humiliation and have come out unscathed. My hands aren’t bruised, my voice still speaks, and […]

Doing what is best for yourself, will never be the best version of the story for anyone else. My life has never been my own and due to the fact, my future is tied up in everyone else. What’s fucked up, is the moment you begin to free yourself from the confinement of everyone else’s […]

I think we must have confused who one another was during our first meeting. Your need for freedom seemed to match my passion for death, but consequently, they don’t mix. To be physically free requires life, and well quite frankly while my love for death is freedom, it demands an absence of actualization you weren’t […]