Who are you and what do you want from me? Do you remember when we sat in your car, and it started raining? I stared at the window because I wanted to dance in it with you. There probably wasn’t even enough rain, but the point is you. Where did you come from? Your dark […]

A year ago today I was running away to Spain in search of an opportunity to find myself, exist in an undiscoverable manner and reinvent my ability to choose myself over other people. I discovered myself and planted into a new version of her. Since a year ago I have backslid into someone completely unrecognizable, […]

I have to wean me off you because I’ve never told you no. I need to stop waiting for your answer because I’ve never asked. Day one and I am already at an all-time low because I’ve never told you no. You’re my muse, so I hang you up and worship your shrine. The darker […]