I’ve released my breath to ebb and flow among life’s stream. May she be willing and bold. I pray for her heat to melt the cheek of another warmed body or to inhale the land mass that may surround her at the time. God willing, may she never be made small in the vastness of […]

Something has changed today. The cars are hushed The breeze is bold The sun is diluted for my eyes to hold. And I can smell the chlorine, the sap, and the fertilizer. I can hear the fountain, the conversation, the bees. It tastes like a childhood morning, full of nothing to do and going outside […]

You’ve only just begun and already you make plans to sprint ahead. You crave a journey set neatly before you, ready for you to fill, with no sudden instances or surprises. You place relationships as the driving force of your life, using it as a way to change your temperature or validate your emotions. Should […]

You make so many mistakes because no one taught you how to hold yourself. You travel through and through experiences naming them all love because no one taught you how to recognize it. You stumble upon something that shakes you to your core, it feels familiar, but you’re clumsy and let it go because no […]