So it’s December and so it’s the end of the road. I don’t have much umph to put into this month. I’ve ran, I’ve tried, and I have proven to myself my strength to love. But this feels like the last leg and at this stage in the race, skill doesn’t matter, practice doesn’t matter, […]

I was intertwined in the campfire of your anointingwith candescent ash flickering in the melted streams of sun,I was taken by the shadowed blessing looming over this alter.Bushels prime for roasting,Sky wet with the dew of morningand you were nowhere to be found.Silent wind passing through,Crows falling from the skyand I was still filled with […]

In many ways I feel like my life is just now beginning. At first it felt so overwhelming. Encountering those who had been on the journey of living an authentic life full of love and not separation, full of gracious forgiving and not shame, made me feel like waking up from a toxic deep sleep. […]

You questioned us, so you questioned me, and I just knew I was bound to lose it all. Up until then I had been praised and promised never to be replaced, to be chosen over and over again by you. But now, in the middle of summer, you weren’t so sure anymore. But it wasn’t […]

A couple dozen crows migrated above me, cackling and cawing. It felt like it had been for me, their clawing for palms to rest upon and flapping through mangled stems, fighting its resistance, to get one un-cured olive. My eyes were fixed on the lack of scarcity in the sky. On the birds, wind, reaching […]