Parisia is a twenty-something spirit who takes life and the people in it too seriously, but luckily never herself. As the host of this blog for almost five years now, Parisia continues to expand her voice and provide a narrative that dares to be transparent, understanding, and self-transformative. You will find yourself relating, feeling heard, and putting words to experiences you weren’t able to before. You can expect from this blog: heartbreak, new beginnings, exploration, and so much healing. The motto here is, “Life is meant to be shared.” Please share the pieces that resonate with you and spill your guts with similar experiences, silly stories, and comments that explode from the heart.

In the future, this dreamer hopes to go on and be a featured author. As she fails through life and simultaneously out does every aspect of it, in the end, whether she can help herself or not, she ultimately seeks to help others.

Thank you for the constant support and Affirmation family.

Miss Parisia B

Facebook: BlogBits by Miss Parisia B.

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  1. I’d never miss being a part of your journey; I’m excited to share in each & every thing God has in store for you…

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