This blog is about creating a space to tell a truth most encompassing of my heart. Naturally that truth changes and here, that’s okay. It is also a place for others to share their truth in hopes to relate, be heard, or simply not feel alone. I believe Life is Meant to be Shared (the good, bad, and ugly). No sugar coating, just raw emotion because I’m convinced that’s where my true healing has always began. And how do we heal? By facing this raw emotion and going deep until it leads us to our truth, one that sets us free from whatever lies we’ve bound ourselves to. So come as you are, come to grow, to learn, and to share life.


I am Parisia, a twenty-something spirit who takes life and the people in it way too seriously, but luckily never myself. This blog houses five years of healing. Healing from trauma, failed relationships, deaths, victim hood, and abuse (self-inflicted, abuse from others, abuse from me). I continue to expand my voice and narrative each year and always dare to be transparent, understanding, and self-transformative. I don’t post unless it terrifies me, so sometimes I don’t post at all. But I am journeying through my fear and capacity to be brave. In the future, my hope is to go on and  author numerous books that can bring men and women, from all cultural backgrounds and multigenerational realities, deep healing. As I fail through life and simultaneously outdo every aspect of it, in the end, whether my name is known or not, I seek to love myself and others wholeheartedly. It is a blessing to be known by you in this moment. That is enough for me.



Instagram: @MissParisiaB

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  1. I’d never miss being a part of your journey; I’m excited to share in each & every thing God has in store for you…

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