These works are indicative of one’s greatest fears -faced. These stories told of Parisia by Miss Parisia B. are sacred to the ancestral journey of their becoming. Told through the lens of a child who wasn’t celebrated, was rejected, and now sees’s precisely how everything around her, including herself, falls short. Maturing and advancing but acknowledging their wounded self. This is her platform, Miss Parisia B., her version of every story.

‘my voice’ mantra

As I come into alignment with myself, I bear witness to the impact of my voice. I avow my ability to translate what resides in others’ hearts, and with a will for the discovery of truth and tales, I courageously reveal my own gifts and misrepresentations. As I journey away from my silencing, I reject attacks on my wisdom and divination, learning fundamental truths:
restored vision allows recognition of yourself and of others
a loud spirit demands quelled comparisons
forward truth flows through forgiveness
ownership of your pain releases praise

It is enough to be known by you in this moment.

Miss Parisia B.

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  1. I’d never miss being a part of your journey; I’m excited to share in each & every thing God has in store for you…

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