So it’s December and so it’s the end of the road. I don’t have much umph to put into this month. I’ve ran, I’ve tried, and I have proven to myself my strength to love. But this feels like the last leg and at this stage in the race, skill doesn’t matter, practice doesn’t matter, and strategy won’t get you to the finish line. No, at this point of the race, the oxygen has left your body, you’ve lost whatever inspiration that helped you begin, and your legs have abandoned you. And so it’s the end of the road, so it’s December. I have released my faith, started my race and followed through. So now we wait.

What God did last month (Nov):

  • He taught me how to clear my mind and discern his voice in my life
  • Silenced my doubt
  • Claimed my finances
  • Strengthened me to show up emotionally for the people I care about

What God will do this month (Dec):

  • Take me to new levels of vulnerability
  • Grant me peace of the unknown
  • Guide me in the next steps relationally, financially, and in my career giving me the courage to feel qualified and deserving of my assignment and love.
  • Help me acknowledge all the roots to my rage.

December Quote:

It’s okay to see what you’re facing, but don’t give it your focus.

December Intention / Reminder:

Wait, patiently. God is bigger.

Miss Parisia B.

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December Focus: Endurance

Photo by Andrea Leopardi on Unsplash

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