When now and then

I’ve released my breath to ebb and flow among life’s stream. May she be willing and bold. I pray for her heat to melt the cheek of another warmed body or to inhale the land mass that may surround her at the time. God willing, may she never be made small in the vastness of her own heart.

I want to release my eyes from the high’s and lows of life’s stream. It’s so hard to be willing and bold. Praying for her truth to mend the heart of another wounded body while improving the mass pain surrounding her. God’s will is for her not to be consumed in the vastness of her own importance.

I can’t find the memories I’ve lost in life’s stream. I don’t remember when I was willing and bold. I prayed for my mind to memorize the cheek of another wild body but it intertwined what was recalled and what was dream mass into the present that had surrounded me. God willed she, but her memories became consumed by the vastness of her own shame.

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