You can do it afraid, just make sure you do it…

Release your faith, cast it out in front of you.
Release your faith, trust not the fierce wind but where it’s guiding you.
Release your faith for your daughter and son to hold onto until they forge their own.
Release your faith when doubt creeps in and judges your hopes and dreams with cautions and fear of being alone.
Release your faith, knowing you aren’t the problem, knowing you have the strength to hold all of you
Release it all, tell the stories most true to you no matter how they choose to remember.
Release the pain, stop over-identifying with all you’ve lost, and step into the moment of everything that’s remained.
Release your faith despite every fear
Because you have everything you need,
Everything you need is within you,
but until you let it all go,
without a single doubt
with reckless belief
There is no real way of ever, truly knowing what releasing your faith will bring you.
So discharge your faith,
And may it bring you, love.

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

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