I can no longer accept your judgements…

You can’t have my joy, it’s not yours to lay claim over.

Cease your false interpretations of my intentions, for your judgments know not the true nature of my heart.

Silence your mouths, for the future you try and predict over my life is not your prophecy to tell.

When you try to dislike something about my character, your tongue will sting of bitterness, for I was never yours to taste.

Do you question me in love? Have your actions never brought harm to another?

The stones by which you cast out to me, are those the judgments that were first cast out to you?

I won’t give you my guilt, it’s a false truth that doesn’t even belong to me.

You don’t deserve my hate because I must stay true to who I am and not succumb to the nature of whose you are.

I reject your intimidation that demands my worry, for if you were to disappear the sun would still rise and the birds would still sing;

hope would still float and your false dominion still sink.

Stop trying to control the way in which I remember, should I find joy in the past, joy I will find, for you have no power to place yourself in the thoughts I hold unless I put you there.

Must I answer to you? Do you even have the power to stop answering your own hurt?

Will you be a servant to your evil eye forever? Is your own suffering what you’re trying to project unto me?

Because that’s what causes you to speak out against me, misery.

And the misinterpretation of my own pain allows me to listen.

But your time is done. You are finished.

No longer can you speak into or over a life you didn’t give.

Why would you try and take it away?

Perhaps it’s your own life you want to vanish? Your own actions you fear deserve to be punished.

And so I give you my love

A hope for overwhelming healing to overtake your pain

For eyes to see that I can steal nothing from you, nor do I want to.

I give you my love

May it restore the pain I remind you of.

I give you my love

Willing it to free you from whoever in your life has spoken lies that you came to believe.

May you walk in your truth knowing that it was never anyone’s to take.

I give you my forgiveness for attacking me simply because you couldn’t see the good behind my own pain and suffering.

I pray perspective over yours and my own life that it would wrap us up in grace and mercy, allowing us to always choose love.

Unveiling us to see that love can dwell in both you and me

We don’t have to pick a side,

A war does not need to be waged.

Love is in everyone.

Love sets us free.

Miss Parisia B.

Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

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