This month I am going to allow myself rest. I have had an information overload, from unpacking childhood wounds, to learning how to re-parent myself, learning to not strive for perfection, learning to trust my intuition, being on the look out for God’s voice in my life, and so on.

I want to warn, mostly to myself, that this isn’t a break from all the work that has been unfolding because the work must be done –


But the way my personality is set up, once I learn something, I become obsessed with perfecting it, with proving that it lives in me to others, I become obsessed with trying to sustain it in my own power.

This is NOT that.

This is an opportunity for me to not sabotage my joy. This is my chance to do the work with an overwhelming peace because there is no deadline, no expectation, no one I need to prove myself to on earth or spiritually. I have been called to be. This month, I want to challenge myself to just be.

Current Highs: Showing up and belonging to my journey while embracing a new frequency (while separating from the old).

Current Lows: Career / Financial Goals

September Quote: “There is more to life than trying to rush its process.”

September Intention / Reminder: There’s no reason why you can’t unfold gracefully, no reason to rush the process of blooming. Trust in the calling over your life, when you forget your truth, sit in the crowd, join the people already celebrating all that lives within you.

Miss Parisia B.

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My goal for the summer was to read 5 books: 2 more to go.

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

2. Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini.

September Focus:

You don’t have to prove anything.

Latest Posts:

Cocooned Healing- A love letter to all the wounded parts of ones soul. A true acceptance of the gifts that will get me where I am going and a surrender to shame, expectations, and guilt. A beckoning of the healing never felt because of fear and protectionism.

The legacy on Diamond Head Dr.- About the legacy prominent women leave behind that becomes instrumental in crafting your own intuition, in stepping into true womanhood.

Only to be with you– It takes two. But doing your part alone seems hopeless.

Anticipating– Change doesn’t happen over night, it requires detours, re-routing, travailing and letting go of the thought that you can control the outcome.

Holding On- How do we really know when something has reach the peak of it’s existence. Is it something you feel in the pit of your stomach? And what about the other feelings, the ones with an expiration date as long as the life that was given; what does one do with those?

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