Holding On

What is it that that binds us?

What causes me to server and yet to never want to leave you alone again. I want to be the one who brings you joy, who brings you kisses.

I can’t stand the thought of picking up my love for you and moving it into the heart of someone else. Can I hide a few pieces away in order to stay connected with you? Would you want something like that? Because when I imagine a day without loving you I am full of sorrow. In general I am full of sorrow over you.

I still feel you in my bed, guarding my back and breathing through my belly. I loved you like you’d come from my own womb. Now as you pull away I suffer a labor of love while holding on to you. You’ve turned purple from my need for you.

Do you feel it now, needed? Do you still find small reasons to miss home? And does such remembrance invoke my voice, does it shatter the pain enough to make you hold onto a future still?

We could spend the rest of our lives kneeling down and praying we survive.

Dying on our knees.

Laying with each other for an eternity.

Miss Parisia B.

Photo by Adrian Linares on Unsplash


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