Sex is not forgiveness

Sex is not hope for the spring of a new kinship or the winter of a dwindling one

Sex does not replace emotion

Sex alone does not satisfy

Sex does not reconnect what has been torn apart by sex

Sex can’t transform someone you love

Sex isn’t a replacement for love

Sex doesn’t heal physical wounds, or emotional ones

Sex doesn’t solidify a marriage, or keep one together

Sex doesn’t show up for you when everyone has let you down

Sex isn’t approval

Sex shouldn’t be worshiped

Sex shouldn’t be given power

Sex can’t heal sexual abuse

Sex isn’t intimacy

Sex never does what it says it will do

Sex rules my pride and my ego

Sex makes me feel understood

Sex makes me feel lonley

Sex never leaves you alone

After sex, he leaves me alone

And even with my promise to withstand its power, to stray from such a luminous act, and to wait for its glory, I am still left with the torment of what I tried to rid of with sex.

Miss Parisia B.


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