Belief manifested through actualization

Finding your way back to the truth can be a tumultuous journey. It often feels like you’re searching for something that can never be found, never really plant its roots and evade you at every opportunity. How do I change my life? How do I change the circumstances of my heart? The truth is hard to find often because it’s hidden in plain sight, usually because it’s not hidden but covered with doubt.

The most beautiful thing about the truth is what it reveals about you. Once you accept your specific truth, you truly begin to show up for yourself, take yourself seriously, and allow yourself to shine.

Finally, after years of doubt in your abilities and your hard work’s destiny, you become equal with yourself. You stop apologizing for situations that caused the growth. You no longer cower at the sight of rejection. You plant the revelations of your heart in your soul and abound heights above where you were each and every day.

That’s what happens when you start to trust that God loves you just the way you were created, no change necessary, just advancement.

And when you decide to make all the beautiful things about you the truth, when you choose to see those who reject you not as fact but opinion, is when your journey truly begins.

It will never be anyone else’s job to bring you joy. 

The biggest lessons I’ve learned from when I was knelt on the floor, hating every possible thing about myself was that: it’s not about the want to start over that’s going to bring you surmounted freedom, but the will to keep going that pushes you to live out your full potential.

It will take daily conquering and daily praise. It will require pivoting back to a place where you fear, all to make a sharp right. Because sometimes you’ll have to go back, not because you aren’t good enough to move forward but because along the way you guided yourself in the wrong direction.

Following your heart’s convictions will never lead you astray, and being your biggest cheerleader doesn’t mean you’re alone. It will never be anyone else’s job to bring you joy. Take ownership of your life and the people you have allowed to influence you throughout. Understand that when it’s time to step out in faith and finally give yourself a chance, you won’t need to be afraid. You will understand that you are far more powerful than you ever believed, and that’s why no one ever wanted you to find it.

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

One thought on “Belief manifested through actualization

  1. The divine plan always find it’s way to the truth if the desire is mutual. Just sit back quietly work on improving the mind body and soul that diverts constant thinking until the inevitable happens.

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