Master of Self Subversion

Everyone appears more aware of my mastery than my own self. I am voluntarily giving myself away to men, I revel in the beauty they place upon me. I am their god, woman, wild, incomprehensible, and that feeds me. I understand that when a woman pairs with a man, she is fearfully met with the power of who she is. It is not because he gives her such rutilant strength, but because he relies on it, feeds off it, and tries to claim it as his own. I have no genuine want to conquer men or even abandon them altogether. However, in my life, they have never qualified for strength, dependability, or vigor. It is hard to give a man glory when he is made because of a woman. Not through the plight of bearing him but through the creation of his becoming. Without women, there would be no healing. The challenge stands to be finding internal healing and eternal freedom from healing everyone but yourself. Even a warrior has men to catch his heart should it be violently torn from his frame. Yet many women walk the earth for decades, never to find this luxury.

I am the master of offering a slither of my soul to every man who claims he is worthy to receive it. I allow him to feed off my wisdom, joyance, and fortitude. When weakness crawls atop my shoulders and sinks me down into an over-domestication of the woman he needs me to be, my strength becomes unrecognizable. I can only perform the healing he needs from me, and so I must choose. The only solution is to pry me from his hands for the purpose of expansion, of rebirth. When I escape with pride and joy, I am met with his fire and attempts of destruction. It’s the people you love the most who revoke your need for freedom.
Your attempts to destroy me, because of the pain of my absence, are juvenile. Have you forgotten that I was you’re healing, your creation? Your childish temper doesn’t affect me. I cannot be destroyed by a mere man who must minimize the force of an existential woman to mock the experience of honing any self-assurance. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, my love.

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

2 thoughts on “Master of Self Subversion

  1. Why has she coward so low to raise up this man?

    Depends on the future value of the team he can establish with you. It is usually undefined in early stages. God placed him there or allowed to be in your path it may or may not be your husband to be as ‘one” but there is a reason. Often the raising him up may in turn benefit you later????

    Why has she abandoned her intuition of him being the biggest threat to her greatness?

    He must be able to support your greatness and you to support him to grow to height could not get to on his own.

    Why has she conquered such a small man when she is capable of capturing the world?

    I would be cautious here because “the world” is cruel and not fair. There are significantly more failures to each success. Education, family, friends, co-workers typically can only offer advise but it must only be of wisdom.

    Why have I spent all my healing on his ego?

    Building his ego is a must, but your strength could come from building him – you could gain so much more for him to learn from your wisdom…etc. . The reward always comes after the giving and sacrifice. Working on your healing may not be significantly connected to compromise.

    1. The compilation of questions comes from the perspective of how many young women are raised: For the purpose of man, when woman is so much more but often we never have the opportunity to walk in such strength because we are trained to aspire to one thing (a wife). This is a facet that religion explores heavily and if taught without knowledge falls under the patriarchal models of society that attempt to govern women.

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