I can’t stand Myself.. or Anyone else

My spirit is extremely sensitive to the vibrations and atmospheric waves it comes into contact with. I have to be careful, more than others, not to expose my spirit to realities that are more destructive than healing. People whose intentions are more suffocating than self-sacrificing. I once peered a photo and housed its evil. The loss of any human form feels like the loss of my soul. I don’t really feel safe here. Protected but not exempt from the crossfires of pain, self-inflicted or birthed from disrespect.

It burdens me, to love anybody here in this world, they can’t protect me, nor can I, them. People are now just someone to lose. I’m better off without him. We own nothing but our spirit, and even it is dying to leave.

When we all live but on the surface, loving someone for their presence and ignoring their spirit, we deny ourselves. For you, I would live beneath the depths where I am only equipped to drown. But you will always exist where you thrive, on the surface. So up here is where we’ll meet and forever remain because here you could never drown; you could never love me.

So I’ll sink as a symbol of my love for you, hoping forever that your spirit would drown for me too.

We can never be safe here.

Miss Parisia B.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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