I have to wean me off you because I’ve never told you no.

I need to stop waiting for your answer because I’ve never asked.

Day one and I am already at an all-time low

because I’ve never told you no.

You’re my god, so I hang you up and worship your shrine.

The darker it gets, the more I settle.

When you come over the euphoria begins at the thought of overdosing on you my love.

I put on my disguise and hide, you ask if it’s real,

I say yes because I’ve never told you no.

No you can’t enter when you feel like it.

No you can’y fuck me without first kissing me gently.

No you haven’t healed my vision of black man.

No you can’t leave me behind.

No I won’t guide your back.

Yes you can come over and exist fully in my healing wounds.

Yes you can have everything and give me nothing in return

Yes you can continue neglecting my need to be needed by you.

Yes, I couldn’t leave you…

No, I love you…

But I gorget about my yes and no’s and no and yes’s

Because you always come at the wrong times and leave when it’s best.

So I say nothing my dear.

But can you?

Will you come in deliberately against your nature and exist fully by the will to love and to be loved.

Touch my mouth with the reason you take love but don’t give it. I touch your mouth because I have never been close enough to it.

Come in violently my savior.

I won’t ask anything of you

Never turn you away.

I just want to walk again.

I just want you around.

Miss Parisia B.

Photo by davisco on Unsplash

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

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