And so I will

Author Miss Parisia B.

I like the fact that my whole life fits in the back of my car-
That I’m never tied down to one place, and always ready to explore;
never held to the promise of nonexistence.
I like the places where I have become-
The areas that have cured my sadness and shaped my curiosity.
I’m scared of staying still,
I’m afraid to forget the places where I have been immovable.
I am a creator. Someone who has formulated situations for growth.
I have placed myself in the space of endurance.
I have obtained the tools along the way, high and low, big and small.
Never holding back for fear of being excellent.
Always finding ways to appreciate failure.
Carrying my pain because I refuse to be held down.
Dropping it off when it’s outdone its stay.
Not scared of being lonely because it’s freeing to rid of the people who only take.
To flourish alongside the ones who try.
And so I give, and so I love, and so I search, and so I find, and so far I go, and so far I’ve come, and so I stay to cultivate, and so I venture in search of myself, and I will find her, and I will love her, and I will treasure her
and I will keep ongoing.

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

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