Side Effects of Tecnología

Author Miss Parisia B

Sitting up, my head began pulsing with the rhythm of my heart. Maybe I got up too fast. 

I had woke up with an aching need to cut all ties. Things were moving too fast. 

My hand was still, mind racing; I decided to call and speak it.

No answer.

New Text Message: “I think we’re moving too fast.. “

My phone died.

My eyes decided to shut. When they opened, the day was still lit. What a slow demise. The screen on my phone sat idle and bright. The minutes passed through seconds. Oh, the slowness of time.

I took a walk. I needed to slow my thoughts.

He had become extinction when I craved discovery.

I’ve slowly become disillusioned. So many false connections with people who don’t exist.

Three years ago, I was chained to the bottom of his self-esteem.

Now my phone is frozen, so today I’m chained to this bed waiting to be lifted.

I shocked myself how I could succumb to the bottom of the ocean and still rise up the very next day.

Maybe I’m invincible: enjoying the kisses of the sun exclusively for the existence of those afloat.

Perhaps I’m breakable: belonging at the bottom, amidst the treasures no one desires.

My phone is damaged. Sunk to the bottom of my toilet. I dropped it there. You never called.

Fast, slow.

Still, sinking. 

Published by Miss Parisia B.

Writer, Storyteller, Lover

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