June Update

June has been my month of manifestation. All of the hard work and pain is subsiding and up begins to rise the small joys that keep us going. The ones which remind us that no matter what we do, ultimately we are loved. And although we walk through the valley, we should fear no evil.

Last night I attended a poetry night in Santa Monica with Q.

Side Note: I dedicate June to you my love, to the ways in which you elevate me and muster up the strength to forgive. You are a gleaming light of loyalty, desire, genius, and undying support. The ways in which you try are damn near perfection. I have never seen someone invest so much in others the way you do. You are selfless my love. But I get weary about your cup being empty. I hope I support you in ways that mean the most to you, I pray I make your dreams feel like a reality, how am I doing with the physical touch? Someone like you deserves dedication, you deserve reverence from not only me but anyone worthy of living near you presence; so lasting and fecund. //

To: Quinton M. Smith

But like I was saying, poetry night. My first time ever stepping up to the stage, mic in my hand (on the brink of being dropped to the floor because of my nerves), words on my lips but with a shaking undertone, it wasn’t amazing and was done in front of four people. One of them the love of my life. But I did it afraid. God, I can really do anything.

I am sorry for the lack of published posts lately. I have been doing a lot of writing for myself (as well as exploring other creative forums) a concept I have never truly embraced. I love it so far, there is no pressure and I have a deep feeling of pride in myself and my ability to create something beautiful. I don’t plan on being away for long but I also have no plans of halting this magical time of actualization I am finding through my writing. I have complied quite a few new pieces, maybe one day I will share with you all. Until then, keep up with my writing page: https://www.instagram.com/missparisiab/

Current Highs: My Relationships / Creativity / My will to follow through / Hope

Current Lows: Financial Stability / Communication in the work place

June Quote: “Shatter my heart so new room can be created for a limitless love.”

June Intention / Reminder: Grow in the ways which feel right for you. Embracing the life death life cycle doesn’t mean only preparing for death, it also means enjoying the periods of life and growth. Enjoy.

Miss Parisia B.

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June Focus: Support

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