My prayer for the month was for as I journeyed through my pain and claimed healing over my life, that I would be able to have deep love and empathy for those who still believe they are unworthy. They say we hate in others what we dislike in ourselves and so therefore I have been trying to love the pain and not perfect it or punish it. Already I was given eyes to see the bigger picture, the bigger story that is written on all of our hearts that we never feel safe to share. I saw three men throw literal trash out side of the window. At first I was just shocked. I assumed most trash was from overflowing bins, or left behind and blown away. But then it hit me, a pang in my heart that hurt deeply for the truth they must of believed to commit such an act: that they didn’t matter. In order to start making change in the universe we have to first believe we matter, we must first acknowledge and tend to our own deterioration within. These men didn’t believe what they did mattered because that would have to mean that they felt they mattered, that they had people in their lives validating this truth, and only then can we live out of the truth of truly mattering. So that’s my prayer for those men, for this universe, and for October – to have deep love and understanding for the bigger story of the heart, the one that craves deep unending love because we are all deserving of it.

Current Highs: Self Love

Current Lows: Lies I sometimes tell myself when I don’t feel worthy of healing / Healing from other peoples expectations

October Quote: “My sufficiency is in Christ alone – no one else.”

October Intention / Reminder: Uproot the expectations others have placed on you and the expectations you have placed on yourself. You are here to journey. You are your own standard and everything you go through is an opportunity for expansion, not for other people to superimpose their shame onto you or vice versa. You are enough as you are, mistakes and all. Heal from it all and let it go.

Miss Parisia B.

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October Focus: Claiming healing over my life and relationships.

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