May Update

May is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. For the first time in a long time I’m feeling like something is mine, belongs to me and can’t be taken away. Of course, relatively, because I don’t own the month of May. But at the same time I totally do.

May flowers are among us and the air is so much fresher, the sky paints a new landscape each morning, and joy seems inevitable. The doom of gloom is fading and the brink of spring is calling to be noticed, and appreciated. My goal for may is to have more intentional moments outside. I am weary to place a number on my goal only because some hikes count as 10 and others barley as one, you know?

Nevertheless, I have so much to look forward to for this month. My twenty-third birthday is happening. It’s here. I’m excited to grow old, but it’s coming at a time where I feel like I have almost nothing in order. But life works and speeds ahead whether you’re ready or not. I’ll be celebrating in San Francisco (my favorite city) with one of my best friends. I also just purchased my Embroidery starter kit and an A-Z stitching book for beginners. This is big for me. I typically don’t try new things unless I am already good. But life is about evolving. So in light of a new age, I am ushering in a new hobby. Speaking of new, I may be adopting a new member to my family. I have been praying on it because I want to be the best home and best lover and friend for my new pet. I will keep you guys updated!

Current Highs: My job and job relationships / My sense of responsibility / My honesty with myself and pursuit of what’s best and honest, and true to Me – Miss P. / Friendships.

Current Lows: My sense of home, my room is a mess and I need to be more intentional about decorating / Family and Intimate Relationships are all at a downward slop, but life is a series of ups and downs so we always know whats next / My personal drive, I am still taking baby steps and I would love to take a leap in one area of my life.

May Quote: “Don’t judge your beginnings harshly.”

May Intention: Faith and trust in God over your life. Releasing control over how you want things to go and surrendering to moments that are meant to be. No one can rob what truly belongs to you. Love takes faith and free fall and courage is never the absence of fear, you gotta do it scared.

Miss Parisia B.

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May Focus: Faith

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

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