In many ways I feel like my life is just now beginning. At first it felt so overwhelming. Encountering those who had been on the journey of living an authentic life full of love and not separation, full of gracious forgiving and not shame, made me feel like waking up from a toxic deep sleep. But now I just feel grateful to be aligning with others who are suffering but still choosing to love themselves and love others. When we start choosing ourselves and letting go of all that keeps us still and silent and wounded, we begin to fear reversion or the hurt of others. But as I have gotten further through my individual journey and deeper into the realization of the power and love I hold – I realize that it’s not possible. So I am praying for endurance, for the strength to continue no matter how I feel, no matter what goes wrong, no matter what goes right; that ultimately I keep expanding.

What God did last month (Oct):

  • Changed my health circumstances and restored my appetite for food
  • Began mending the years of separation between my sister and I
  • Radically altered my view of sex and my body by helping me clear my mind of hookup culture and pornography
  • Created a shift in my work culture and championed my efforts towards vulnerability
  • Showed me what it means to do finances his way
  • Loved me back into dancing
  • Allowed me to finally forgive, release, and have compassion for my abusers after 5 years of intentionally holding a grudge and 14 years of holding the pain from what was done
  • Ignited a restored interest of going back to church and engaging in church community after being rejected and shamed by people from the church
  • Showed me my power in him and gave me the confidence to love myself again

What God will do this month (Nov):

  • Remove the un-forgiveness he holds in his heart and replace it with divine love and healing
  • Take me to new levels of vulnerability
  • Teach me how to clear my mind of the negative thoughts I have allowed into my head
  • Help me learn how to see him working in my life in advance

November Quote: “Call your spirit back. It may be caught in corners and creases of shame, judgement, and human abuse. You must call in a way that your spirit will want to return. Speak to it as you would to a beloved child. Welcome your spirit back from its wandering. It may return in pieces, in tatters. Gather them together. They will be happy to be found after being lost for so long. Then, you must do this: help the next person find their way through the dark. “ For Calling the Spirit Back from Wandering the Earth in its Human Feet by Joy Harjo

November Intention / Reminder: Reverse the negative thoughts that filter through your mind and try to attack your divinity by turning them around. When your mind tells you, “You aren’t enough,” turn it around and speak back: “That’s a lie. I am enough.” Speaking back is the most important part. Words have power and words spoken out loud have the power to alter legacies. We choose the lies we believe and the truths we accept. We choose the lives we want to live and it’s either one of resistance or one of complete surrender (there are only two options).

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October Review

Inspired by IG: @danicahu

November Focus: Expectancy

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