Collection 1: Embracing the Complications of Love

Everything feels as though it’s looming and lifting. The sacred rhythms bind you to another even after an end. Fear wells up and overpowers all our emotions when it comes to love. Reflection is the only safe way through, and collective one takes you through the necessary process. These writings come from a place of passion and pain, loss, and hope for a rebirth. The experience is raw. It requires vulnerability. Read More.


Collection 2: Broken Pieces

This collective is fully inspired and heavenly lifted. Many of these pieces brought themselves alive and now burn – touch them, experience them, and blend them into the truth of your heart. Read More.

Collection 3: The Dynamic Self

To feel powerful and untouchable. To awaken from the dynamic experience of self-death. These writings are a true celebration of a woman coming into fruition and the mourning of a death caused by her own hands. Read more.

Collection 4: Remembrance

Allow this collective to burrow deep within your heart and ignite your will to love again. Let the stories continuously unfold from your fingertips as you engage in the retelling of stories never told but felt. These essays beckon vivid recollection, the type that has been memorized by the very structure that holds you together. They are the bones, carrying weight, hitting a nerve, and healing the space left behind just how rekindled love does so boldly. Read More.